What is a body to Body Massage?
As the name would suggest, this type of massage is the Masseur not only using their hands to massage you, but also body to body contact.
The body to body massage takes a naturist massage one step further. as with a standard naturist, your male to male body to body massage can combined with the purely tranquil and relaxing experience of Swedish massage, or the healing benefits of a Deep tissue massage or a stimulating of a sensual massage, or, as most people opt, it can be a mixture of all three.
Sometimes the terms ‘body to body massage’ and ‘deluxe massage’ are interchangeable, however on Adonis we see them differently. A body to body massage uses hands and forearms to start the massage but progresses to using the masseurs whole body with that being the main focus of the latter part of the massage.
(Where as a deluxe massage does contain this element, it also contains other elements sometimes not included in a B2B)
A body to body massage is where both you and your masseur are naked, however, it could be done clothed you request.
What is a Body to Body Massage good for?
This type of massage is very flexible and can be tailored to exactly what you need. Do you need to relax and relieve the built up stress, no problem. Do you have muscle tension or aches that need tenderising, again, no problem, or do you want your senses taken on a sensual journey that will leave you breathless, that can be arranged. Or you can have it all, why not. Go on, have your cake and eat it.
What to expect in your Body to Body Massage
Receiving A body to body massage from an Adonis gay male masseur is something you will remember, and then some! And its flexibility means you can book again and again and just tell your masseur what you need or want.