The Swedish massage is arguably the most common massage requested by clients. Although in Sweden, the Swedish massage is simply known as a massage. The primary goal of a Swedish massage is to put the body into a state of entire relaxation, which has a plethora of health benefits for both the body and the mind.

The technique used by practitioners of Swedish massage employs the use of the hands and fingers, slowly pushing pressure along the muscles in long, gliding strokes. The muscles are worked following the direction of the blood flow to the heart to increase circulation, soothe the muscles and induce the body and mind into a state of natural ease and relaxation.

Increasing or maintaining a light level of blood circulation throughout the body carries with it a multitude of health benefits. Increased blood flow raises the levels of oxygen that travels round the body which helps to prevent the development of diseases related to the heart. Symptoms of poor blood circulation include cold hands and feet, tingling or numbness in extremities, fatigue, loss of or poor memory, lack of ability to concentrate, digestive issues and the changing in the colour of the skin. If you think any of these symptoms apply to you, it might be the case that your circulation could need some encouragement, in which case a Swedish massage could be just the thing for you.

Swedish massage also eases muscular strain. We gather tension in our bodies when we feel stressed, or if we obtain an injury via vigorous exercise or failing to warm up our muscles adequately before we exercise. The methods used during massage warms up the muscles and loosens them which gives the body an alleviated feeling of relief and weightlessness. This makes massage the perfect thing to partake in if you’re feeling the aches and pains of everyday life, or if you’re feeling tight post exercise.

It is important that you communicate what you do and don’t feel comfortable with within the treatment room. Feeling relaxed and content in your surroundings will help you to ease into the massage process and get everything that you can from the experience. Each massage can be an entirely individual experience, what is right for your body might not be what is right for the body of the person who was lay on the massage table before you. Don’t be afraid to communicate what is comfortable for you to your massage therapist during your massage.

Massage is a common method for reducing stress and helping with the effects of depression.  The idea of reducing stress in life is attractive to almost everyone. The lifted feeling that we get once the looming cloud of stressors fade away is as coveted as it is important to the maintenance of improved mental health. Many massage therapists believe that the skin to skin contact employed during the process of delivering a massage triggers the release of hormones in the human body that create the illusion of emotional connection. This improves the mood of the client and can aid in calming their mind.

The Swedish massage is such a valuable tool for both the maintenance and the improving of both bodily and mental health.